How to Prevent Mold When Growing Grasses in Containers

Preventing Mold When Growing Grass in ContainersBecause of the mold that I have found on my wheatgrass, I have done some research on this subject, and have learned that mold is actually quite a common problem when growing wheatgrass. And while mold doesn’t look very appetizing, it isn’t harmful to our health. As long as we cut the wheatgrass way above the mold that is grown on the soil, and rinse the grass, it is safe to juice them or give them to our pets as snacks (a large number of young grass species, including wheatgrass, can be fed to pet, check Cat Grass or Wheatgrass? for more details).

While mold is a common problem when growing grass in container, it is preventable. Here are several ways to prevent mold from growing on grass.

  • Create air circulation
  • This is important especially when the temperature and humidity is high. Mold tends to grow best when it is hot and humid (above 80 degree F, 25 degree C). If you cannot grow your grass outdoor, use a fan to increase air circulation. I am glad that I have put my bowl of wheatgrass in the balcony once I have found mold on the grass. The mold problem has eased after a while. Even though it has been humid and rainy in these few days, the strong gusts of wind have provided very good air circulation.

  • Use only clean growing container and sterile soil
  • Plant less denselyPreventing Mold When Growing Grass in Containers
  • Lay out the seeds in the tray densely, but only in one layer, so to give enough breathing space for each sprout and improve air circulation. I think I may have planted my wheatgrass a bit too densely.

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  • I was searching for mold remediation and google took me to this blog. Can someone please recommend me a good mold contractor?

  • Caitlyn

    I noticed that your mold looks fuzzy and white. I have found mold on my kitty’s wheat grass, but it looks like little black dots on the sprouts close to the soil. Do you know what kind this may be and if this is harmful to my cat? I will try some of this to stop the mold, but I’ve also heard that cinnamon is good to prevent mold growth and is not harmful to the plant, although I don’t know how much my cat will like it… Thanks for the info!

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