Instead of Moss, I Got Mold

Making Moss Graffiti Making Moss Graffiti

When I went to the balcony and checked my moss graffiti this morning, I found no moss, but only mold, lots of mold! And besides the mold, the container of moss slurry has started to smell too.

Come to the end of it, the yogurt-and-beer moss slurry has already been sitting out on the balcony for more than two hot summer days.  After some research, it seems that it is expected to have mold on the surface of the mixture. And it takes around 6 weeks to see signs of moss. 6 weeks! This surely is a test of patience.


Making Moss Graffiti Making Moss Graffiti

While I have found no mold on the moss slurry that are on the wooden boards,  all three of them were all dried up when I checked them on the balcony this morning.  So, to keep them moist, I have sprayed them with lots of water.

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