$250 Orchid vs. $10 Orchid

Ground Orchid Plants

I got two pots of ground orchids last month.  While the orchid with yellow and green leaves was fairly expensive (HKD 250), the other one was dirt cheap (only HKD 10, less than USD 1.5).  In fact, I didn’t really buy the 10-dollar orchid, but just got it as a giveaway from the orchid shop.  And this is my first time growing orchid.  Even though both orchids look equally beautiful, I had more expectation on the one with yellow and green leaves.  Hey, this orchid cost 25 times more.  It must be better!

Ground Orchid Plants

However, the yellow-and-green-leaved orchid is not doing very well.  Before I can fully enjoy the beautiful leaves and blossoms of the orchid, its roots have turned brown and rotten. I think I have over-watered this orchid, since there was a foul odor when I was trying to rescue it by removing all its dead roots and leaves.  Hopefully, this baby will survive.

Ground Orchid Plants Ground Orchid Plants

On the other hand, without any special attention or additional care, the 10-dollar orchid is thriving and blossoming gorgeously!

My lesson learnt – Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.  So, instead of holding on to some expectations, let’s just enjoy and learn from whatever life brings 🙂

4 comments to $250 Orchid vs. $10 Orchid

  • I agree! Gardening does teach us lots of life lessons doesn’t it? I always wanted to grow orchids but I heard they are very high maintenance and it’s expensive, it’s around US$20 here. Any tips you could share?

    • Sandy Sandy

      Louise – yes, orchids aren’t the easiest plants to grow. Watering is probably the trickiest part. There are various kind of potting medium for orchids, but lava rock seems to be the best. When you buy the lava rock, make sure they are made in Japan, those that are made in China or Taiwan don’t hold water very well (good for those who like watering their plants everyday though 😀 ).


  • You are right! The price tag on plants do not mean anything. If you could pay for it, then buy. I have a ground orchid that I got from the wild. It is growing well with very little soil. But nowadays the sun is scorching hot in the afternoon, so part of the flower got burnt. Other orchids, we normally use charcoal and bricks pieces to support the plant. Hence watering it not a problem. But the plant needs a lot of fertiliser. For me, it’s an expensive plant to keep 😉

  • Sandy Sandy

    Stephanie, that’s so nice! A ground orchid from the wild! Do you have a photo of it in your blog?

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