Madeleine’s Jurassic Park


It is always encouraging when some friends and blog readers tell me how much they enjoy Gardening on Cloud 9 and get inspired to start growing some plants at home, or even better, shares with me the fun they have with the tabletop gardens they made.

A few days ago, I have received from Madeleine some photos of a Jurassic tabletop garden she has made. With rocks, sand, and tree barks, she has made a very fun, creative Jurassic park garden for her grandson. The tabletop garden is very well decorated, I especially like the little pebbles placed on the sandy ground as the colors and shapes make the whole picture more fun and interesting.

Recently, I have been very busy with learning bonsai, my wedding preparation, as well as many other projects on hand, that I can hardly find time to make and design new tabletop gardens. But everytime when someone like Madeleine reminds me of the fun of making tabletop garden, my crave of making one gets triggered again!

Maybe next month… I especially want to try my hand at terrarium 🙂

Jurassic-Container-Garden Jurassic-Container-Garden

Oh yes, did I mention the little dinosaurs in the garden? How cool is that 😉

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