Gardening on Cloud 9 & Me

Gardening on Cloud 9Hi there! I am Sandy, and Gardening on Cloud 9 is my website dedicated to promote and share the fun I have found in indoor gardening with the world.

My interest in gardening has started since my farming jobs in Hokkaido. The magical experience of dissolving and being as one with the nature was just so amazing that I want to share my joy with everyone.

I am currently living in Hong Kong, the third most densely populated area in the world. With cramped and noisy streets, numerous mega-tall skyscrapers, and smoggy, polluted air, sometimes it can be quite difficult to see how a city like Hong Kong can be a suitable place for gardening.

As a city girl myself, I understand how difficult it is for city people, who live in sky-high condo, with fully packed schedule and busy lifestyle, to pinch out a quality amount of time to be with the nature.

While the nature is just too good to miss out, sometimes, it just seems too difficult to bring the city people to the nature. But hey, I can do the other way around! Instead of bringing these people to the nature like what I did in Hokkaido, I can bring nature to the city đŸ˜‰

So, that’s what I am devoting myself into – to share the love and joy that nature brings, through indoor gardening, with the city, where people are often too busy to slow down and enjoy the nature’s gift.

I hope you all enjoy and can find something fun and helpful here.


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