Horticultural Charcoal for Gardening

Terra Preta

Charcoal has been used for horticultural purposes for at least two thousand years. Archaeological researches have come up with evidence of charcoal being used as a soil ameliorator in the Amazon Basin since around the time of Christ (Check here for more on Terra Preta – Amazonian dark earth).

Nowadays, horticultural charcoal is an additional item recommended by many gardeners for custom mixing potting soil and as a drainage base in all types of indoor container plants. You may have heard of the many wonderful things that horticultural charcoal can do in gardening. Some are true, while some others are exaggerated and misleading.

Since I am curious and wanted to learn more about the real value of horticultural charcoal, I have spent a quality amount of time researching on it. And now, I would like to share what I have found with everyone. Cheers!

Here are a few posts about horticultural charcoal in gardening.

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