Tabletop Garden – My Star

Tabletop Garden - My Star

I made this tabletop garden, My Star, as a Christmas present for my dad last month.  And now, this tabletop garden is in my dad’s room as a table decoration.

I especially like the cacti and haworthia in this garden, for I think their colors matching very well with the stars and the orange-dressed, red-head girl.

Tabletop Garden - My Star Tabletop Garden - My Star Tabletop Garden - My Star

I found this beautiful crystal bowl and some colorful glassy marbles hidden in the corner of a cabinet in my house. omg, it’s so sad to let these beautiful things sit around idle.  So, I have made good use of them and brought them back to life.  You see, the crystal bowl, the marbles, the plants, the rocks, the girl… they are all very happy now! 😀

Tabletop Garden - My Star Tabletop Garden - My Star

This is the first try of my tabletop garden – My Star.  With the intention to match the cloud, which the girl is holding on, I tried it with white and baby blue rocks.  However, the big star didn’t stand out as much as I wanted it to be. So I used black rocks instead.

And as you can see, I have also changed the plant.  I just think this garden looks much better with cacti. Maybe it’s my bias… Cactus and succulents are so colorful and eye-catching that their presence can easily make a tabletop garden look more fun and exciting.

How about you?  Which one do you like more?

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