The Remake of Tabletop Garden – Ocean Breeze


I realized the need to remake my tabletop garden – Ocean Breeze when I watered the garden for the first time after its making. I shouldn’t put the stones and marbles at the bottom of the container in the first place, at least, not so many of them.tabletop-garden-ob-02

Originally, I put the stones and marbles there for three reasons.

  1. To take up some space of the big container
  2. For decoration purpose, to give the garden more colors and different texture
  3. To give my little turtle a more solid ground to stand


But with this thick layer of stones and marbles placed underneath the crystal soil, the crystal beads were kept too high to absorb the water that I poured into the container. So I took all the stones and marbles away, but left only a few big ones for my turtle to stand.


I took everything out from the container.  I rinsed and drained off the crystal soil beads that were in the container and added in some new ones.  For the stones and marbles, I took away all of them, but only three big ones.

If you want to know how to use crystal soil, you can check out this post – How to Pot a Plant with Crystal Soil .

tabletop-garden-ob-04 tabletop-garden-ob-03

Now, with only three stones, the crystal soil beads can soak in all the water they want while my little turtle still have a spot to stand 🙂

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