I’ve Got Some Magic Beans!

Magic BeanI bought some beans that have engraved words and pattern on the internet earlier. I think these beans are a great gift idea for kids, for parties, wedding favors, home decor, and such. While some call it the message bean, some others call it the magic bean. Anyways, beans are beans, and I just couldn’t wait to grow them when I got the beans in the mail a few days ago.  And I wanted to try this with crystal soil too! 😀

These beans are quite big, around 2-3 cm long and 1.5 cm wide, engraved with all kind of random messages from “I love you” to “Come on”, from “Happy” to a design of a patch of grass. Although it is not indicated in any of the websites that are selling the beans, I believe these are Canavalia gladiatas (aka sword bean or jack bean).

Magic Bean

I am curious how well the beans can grow in crystal soil. So, instead of normal soil, I have planted the beans in four different containers with crystal soil instead.

Another thing that I really want to find out is the look of the beans when they break the surface. Will the message still be visible as the bean grows? Even though the online seller, whom I have bought the beans from, shows a photo of a bean that has grown a few inch from the soil with the message clearly shown, I am a bit doubtful since the beans I received have a red outer shell but the one in the photo does not.

I wonder whether the message on my beans will still be there as the beans grow and get lose from their red outer shell.

Anyways, I have planted the beans a few days ago. I will take photos and keep reporting the latest news of my magic beans. Cheers!

Magic Bean Magic Bean

8 comments to I’ve Got Some Magic Beans!

  • Daniel

    its great man

    good job

    but how do you think they write on the bean? can you send it to me with picturs pls.


  • Whitney

    Where did you buy the magic beans?

  • Anna


    Can i ask what gardening shop in HongKong? Planning to buy as gifts.

  • Sandy Sandy

    Hi Anna, I guess you may try the flower market in Mongkok (on Prince Edward Road), or you can check out the department that sells plants in City’super.

  • Does anyone know what’s required to bring in seeds or beans to Australia from another country? Is there anything I should look out for?

  • Yes, words or images are engraved by laser onto the beans. As for bringing them into Australia you need to ensure that they are on the customs ‘allowable’ list of plant which does alter from time to time. You can get them on eBay but typically they are a mixed bag and a random selection. You can organise to have them custom engraved too though from other sellers. I’m interested to see how they worked in the crystals as opposed to soil. Many say soil provides faster/better results.

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