Hanging Melons Updates

Hanging Melons in GreenhouseThe yellow skin watermelons are getting bigger and bigger, hanging in the greenhouse like lanterns.

Hanging Melons in GreenhouseI am still not sure what exactly are growing on the ground.  Are they really chayote?

Hanging Melons in GreenhouseThe nets on the cantaloupes have started forming 🙂

Hanging Melons in the Greenhouse – August 21, 2009
The Mysterious Melons – September 14, 2009

2 comments to Hanging Melons Updates

  • I have never seen a yellow skin watermelon and a hanging one too! The watermelons we have here sits on the soil. Wouldn’t it be too heavy to hang like that? Anyway, they do look like yellow lanterns against the green background. What is the colour of the flesh and is it just as sweet?

  • Sandy Sandy

    The flesh inside the watermelon is red, and my teacher said it is very sweet (I am looking forward to try this sweet melon 🙂 ) These are small watermelons, so they won’t get too heavy and can be hanged if they are secured with ropes.

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