Hong Kong Flower Show 2010

Hong-Kong-Flower-ShowI went to the Hong Kong Flower Show in Victoria Park a few days ago.  The flower show is a major event organized every year by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department to promote horticulture and the awareness of greening.   Besides displaying a rich profusion of beautiful potted plants, exquisite floral arrangements, and gorgeous landscape displays, there are also stalls selling flowers and many other gardening tools and supplies.

Hong-Kong-Flower-Show Hong-Kong-Flower-Show


This dragon is a signage of Hong Kong.  Can you find the hidden word “香港” in the dragon?

While the flowers looked as beautiful as they were, I found the show this year a bit boring for it looked just the same as last year’s.  There was no surprise, and there was nothing new.  Well, maybe I am being a bit too critical here.  Many visitors, especially students and elderly, did have a good time in the Hong Kong Flower Show indeed.  During the show period, a rich diversity of educational and recreational activities, such as drawing competition, photo competition, exhibit competition, floral art demonstration, cooking demonstration, and many more had been organized for visitors to participate and enjoy.

Hong-Kong-Flower-Show Hong-Kong-Flower-Show

In the orchid corner…

Hong-Kong-Flower-Show Hong-Kong-Flower-Show Hong-Kong-Flower-Show

Some winners in the Japanese flower arrangement category

Hong-Kong-Flower-Show Hong-Kong-Flower-Show

(left) The South Africa corner is promoting 2010 FIFA World Cup.  (right)  I bet you can tell this is by the Dutch, right? 😉

8 comments to Hong Kong Flower Show 2010

  • Hello Sandy. I think all of the gardening shows are cutting back this year for economic reasons. That is the case here in the states anyway. I just love the dragon planting. So bright and pretty and the horse is a cute display of flowers.

  • Hello Sandy, beside enjoying all the beautiful floras, landscapes and sculptures,did you get garden supplies? I love visiting stalls at garden shows especially those that sells exquisite plants and garden supplies. But if they are expensive, I would not buy them he he…

    Fifa World Cup? Gosh those boys are going to be quite preoccupied during that season 😀 Honestly, I only like to watch the finals.

  • Sandy Sandy

    Yes, of course I did check out those stall. They were surely interesting! But only that I didn’t dare to start picking up and checking out those plants and pots for I knew once I started shopping in those stalls, it would be so hard for me to stop 😛 I have been quite busy with bonsai recently that I better not buy too many new plants these days 😉

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  • I’m new to Bonsai Trees, but I’m realling enjoying it. I have allot to learn. I’ve always wanted to get involved with Bonsai’s, I think they are very beauitful, and to claming to look at..

    • Sandy Sandy

      Hi Danny,

      Yes, bonsai is a living piece of art, a mixture of art n science. It is my love of nature and my curiosity which have led me to the art of bonsai. and Yes! Same here, there is a whole lot for us to learn 😉

  • Jane Currivan

    Thank you for posting these beautiful pictures. I lived in Hong Kong on Kennedy Road for 15 years. I always admired the array of flowers that were available in Hong Kong, unlike the New England Seacoast where I now live. Two years ago,
    I joined a Garden club and I am discovering all sorts of flowering plants that even survive the harsh winters of New England. I must say I am more proficient in weeding than cultivating flowers.
    Again thank you for the photos and commentary.

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