Have Our Narcissus Blossoms at the Right Time

Narcissus FlowerChinese love to decorate their homes with Narcissus (Chinese Sacred Lily in particular) during Chinese New Year. The beautiful white Narcissus flowers with orange cups blossom around 7-14 days, and when they bloom, they send out a very sweet fragrance.

Since we have the Narcissus particularly for Chinese New Year decoration, of course, we would want the plants blossom right on Chinese New Year’s Day. Yet, the wide swing in temperature we have nowadays makes it uneasy to ensure the Narcissus blossoms right on the few days of Chinese New Year.

We had some very warm days (>20 °C) in early February. So, in order to make sure the Narcissus we were cultivating for Chinese New Year wouldn’t blossom too early, we kept our Narcissus in the refrigerator for more than a week time, and brought them out 1-2 days before the Chinese New Year’s Day.

Narcissus Flower Narcissus Flower Narcissus Flower

This is the crab pincer style.  The Narcissus flower buds were starting to bloom once they were taken out from the refrigerator.

Narcissus Flower Narcissus Flower Narcissus Flower

The blossom was at its fullest on the 4th-5th day after taken out from the refrigerator, and started to get tired after 10 days or so.

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