Vickie’s Cactus Garden

Although I have grown cacti for over two years, I haven’t yet had any cactus blooming beautiful flowers as the little one of Vickie, who took my Playful Tree Workshop earlier.

Cactus-Garden Cactus-Garden

Vickie told me that all the cacti in her cactus garden are growing vigorously since the day she brought them home, and the red grafted cactus started blossoming a few weeks after as well.   Ah… how much I wish mine would blossom like hers does!

Cactus-Garden Cactus-Garden

Because her cacti were growing so quickly, Vickie had to move an aloe out of the cactus garden and repot it into another container of its own so to give the other succulents more space for healthy growth.

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  • Wow that’s amazing! I have seen them with such big flower. I am planning for a succulent and cacti dish garden. But it’s tough to get a nice planter. Vickie’s planter is cool. Love it! Have a great weekend Sandy 😀

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