Hoya Kerrii – Should I or Should I Not?

Hoya Kerrii (aka Sweetheart Hoya) Hoya Kerrii (aka Sweetheart Hoya)

As said in an earlier post, my Hoya Kerrii had grown a new leaf. But unlike the other leaves of my Hoya Kerrii, this one was all in green.  While I was wondering if the edge of the leaf would somehow turn yellow as the leaf grew bigger, I read an excellent post about Hoya Kerrii in Plants are the Strangest People (thank you Stephanie 😀 ).

In the post, Mr Subjunctive, the author, suggests to remove all the stems with all-green leaves.  He explains that because a stem with all-green leaves has an advantage over a variegated one, with enough time, the all-green leaves will eventually take over the whole pot ! Continue reading Hoya Kerrii – Should I or Should I Not?