Hydroculture – Water Roots vs Soil-Grown Roots

Hydroculture plants are houseplants that grown in water, and the roots of these plants are called water roots.  Water Roots differ from soil-grown roots. Water roots often seem to be more brittle than soil-grown ones. This may due to the bigger aerenchyma – the airy tissue found in roots of plants that allows exchange of gases between the shoot and the root – which the water roots have. If we want to eventually plant our rooted cuttings in soil, it is usually not recommended to root the plant first in water, for it may become difficult to transplant the cuttings in soil later on.

New roots usually grow from the pericycle but there are exceptions. Many plants rooted in water perform root initials on their stems that merely elongate when cuttings are placed in water, for examples, pothos, wandering jew, and philogendron.

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