So what is it called? Hydroculture? Aquatic plants? Water roots?

hydroculture-plant-02It was quite difficult when I first did my research online on this subject, for I couldn’t find what exactly it is called. It seems like that there is no one specific terminology for this type of plants.

Some call it “hydroculture.” However, instead of the plant itself, hydroculture is referring to a system, a simpler version of hydroponics, which involves the use of an inner pot, an outer pot, a water level indicator, and such.

aquatic-plant-01And some books just call it “aquatic plants.” But often, if not always, aquatic plants are referring to those that grow in an aquarium, or a pond, and such. How about those plants that usually root in soil but are capable to root in water as well?

Another related terminology I have found is “water root”, which refers to the new root that the plant grows when it is planted in water or water solution. And while there are quite many information online about hydroponics and hydroculture due to the new hype across Europe in these recent years, it seems like there isn’t much on water roots. Instead of searching through the internet, more information on water roots can be found in some college textbooks, such as Plant Propagation by Hartmann and Kester.

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