Hydroculture – Clean, Easy, and Simple!

hydroculture-plant-01Even though I have seen bamboo stick in a pot of pebbles filled with water, but it is only until recently, when I started to get my interest in indoor gardening and tabletop gardens, did I realize that plants actually don’t need soil to grow. Essentially the soil is just a medium for holding up the plant and allowing the roots to pull nutrients through the water.

And what a wonderful thing it is! This means we can throw out the dirt, and the insects and diseases that come along with it!

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  • brit

    Hi, great website. My questions are – how on earth to get all the soil off of new plants that were in soil. Also, if you use pebbles/stones etc how do you stop them from turning green with mold after a short time, even the bottom of the glass ware I am using minus the pebbles etc seems to turn greenish every week prior to changing the water. Should I be using a fertilizer and if so can you recommend one? I am switching most of my plants to water vs soil due to ant invasion plus mold in soil Currently have purchase spider plants/peace lilies/ivy/pothos. Thanks for your input 🙂 brit

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