How to Make Tabletop Garden – Merry Christmas

Tabletop Garden - Merry Christmas

Tabletop garden makes wonderful home decor.  And choosing indoor plants with similar light and water requirements is one of most important rules when designing a tabletop garden. So what if we want to put some plants with very different cultivation requirements together in the same tabletop garden?

The answer is … use smaller container(s) within the main container of the tabletop garden. And here, let me show you how I use both a succulent and some aquatic plants to create my tabletop garden – Merry Christmas.

DIY Tabletop Garden - Merry Christmas

Water Roots

Plants that are rooted in water are called “water roots”. You probably have seen a beautiful bamboo stick in a pot of pebbles filled with water before. Like the bamboo, there are many plants that grow very well in water, including pothos, wandering jew, and philodendron. Growing plants in water is easy and more convenient too (I love it much :D)!

Soil & Charcoal

Because the container of this tabletop garden does not have a drainage hole at the bottom, I have added a thick layer of horticultural charcoal for better drainage. And as for soil, I am using a cuctus and succulent soil mix for the echeveria.


Add fresh water into the container of the water roots when the water level gets low. As for the echeveria, I water mine every 2-3 weeks. Watering amount and frequency depends greatly on the size of the container, the weather, and many other factors. One only knows when she does it by herself and observe. Just remember, echeverias are adapted to survive with very little water. And since there is no drainage hole in the container for this tabletop garden, overwater can potentially be more of the problem than underwater.  Tabletop Garden Xmas 102


Bright, indirect light – While the echeveria loves sunlight, most water roots prefer bright, yet indirect light.

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