Episcia Ronnie on Bike

My Episcia Ronnie  (aka Flame Violet)  is growing very well. It has grown many stolons, with some of them getting pretty long, and starting to tie up with one another.  To prevent my Episica Ronnie from growing into a tangled mess of stolons,   I knew I better change the container and repot the plant as soon as possible.

Episcia Ronnie on Bike

A hanging basket would be nice for trailing plants like Episcia, but I couldn’t find a suitable place in my house where I could hang the plant 🙁  While I was puzzling over the new container problem for my Episcia, I saw a cool bike/trolley looking raised planter when I was shopping one day. Yes! This could solve my problem I thought, and so I bought it right away. Continue reading Episcia Ronnie on Bike

My Hoya Kerrii Has Grown Another Heart

Hoya Kerrii (aka Sweetheart Hoya)

I bought this Hoya Kerrii (aka Sweetheart Plant) a few months ago in the summer.  Although I know that Hoya Kerrii is a slow-growing plant like most other succulents, I observe it closely every once a while, and hope that I will find something new, something different and exciting on this Sweetheart Hoya.

And last month, I finally got to see some “action” –  my Hoya Kerrii has grown another heart-shaped leaf!  Unlike the other leaves of my Hoya Kerrii, this one is all in green.  Now I wonder if the edge of the leaf will somehow turn yellow as the leaf grows bigger. Continue reading My Hoya Kerrii Has Grown Another Heart

Blooming of Flame Violet – A Last Minute Surprise

Bloom Colors of Flame Violet Bloom Colors of Flame Violet

I didn’t know that a flame violet can have different bloom colors.  So when I saw a flower bud earlier this month, with similar color and look as the one in April, I was expecting another bright orange-red flower.  But instead, the color of the bloom I have this time is in yellow, with a tint of orange at the bottom of each petal.  What a last minute surprise! Continue reading Blooming of Flame Violet – A Last Minute Surprise

Propagate Flame Violet by Cutting

I bought a pot of Episcia (aka Flame Violet) seedling in October last year. Since then, it has been growing beautifully in my room, with its first flower blooming in April.

Propagate Flame Violet by Cuttings

Thru some research, I have learned that Flame Violet can be propagated by stolon cuttings. This is my first time growing Flame Violet. Everything to me is new and interesting. And surely, I would like to try stolon propagation. While I was wondering when I should cut the stolons of my Flame Violet for my experiment, my dear brother accidently cut off two stolons from the plant with the rotor blades of his newly bought remote control helicopter. Ok. That’s great! At least I was saved from thinking too much more before taking any action. Continue reading Propagate Flame Violet by Cutting

African Violet Care – How to Separate Crowns

I bought my first pot of African violet a few months ago. While the newly acquired African violet is blossoming beautifully, I didn’t aware but only until another gardener pointed out to me that my African violet actually had multiple crowns.

As a curious gardening novice who like to try different things, I decided to take up this challenge and separate the crowns. It has been almost three months since I separated the crowns. Seeing that the separated crowns of my African violets are now growing healthily, I consider this “operation” as a successful one. And here, let me share with you how I did it.

African Violet Care - Seperate Crowns

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Catgrass – One Cat’s Rubbish is Another Cat’s Treasure

One cat’s rubbish is another cat’s treasure. After learning how easy it is to grow wheatgrass, a few of my cat loving friends decided to grow some wheatgrass for their cats. While all of my friends have successfully grown some green and healthy wheatgrass, not everyone of their cats like what their owners have prepared for them.

Cat Grass Wheatgrass

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Magic Bean Day 102 – Enough Training for My Climbing Beans

Since my magic beans have been climbing and wrapping around the water pipe pretty well, I decided to take away the training poles.  I just love the leaves.  It is awseome to see how my climbing beans have added more greens on the wall, creating a little vertical element in my . . . → Read More: Magic Bean Day 102 – Enough Training for My Climbing Beans

Chinese Money Plant & Nasturtium

Chinese Money Plant (Pilea peperomioides)When I found my Chinese Money Plant, Pilea peperomioides, blooming with some tiny white inflorescences last month, I knew that I was wrong when I told Louise that Chinese Money Plants never blossom

Besides Louise, I have a few other friends who guessed the plant that I used in my tabletop garden – Money Bowl is Nasturtium. Actually, it could be quite confusing since both plants have leaf stalks growing from the center of the leaf disks. Yet, it will be very easy to separate the two plants when they blossom.

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How to Prevent Mold When Growing Grasses in Containers

Preventing Mold When Growing Grass in ContainersBecause of the mold that I have found on my wheatgrass, I have done some research on this subject, and have learned that mold is actually quite a common problem when growing wheatgrass. And while mold doesn’t look very appetizing, it isn’t harmful to our health. As long as we cut the wheatgrass way above the mold that is grown on the soil, and rinse the grass, it is safe to juice them or give them to our pets as snacks (a large number of young grass species, including wheatgrass, can be fed to pet, check Cat Grass or Wheatgrass? for more details).

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O Yes! Finally Started Growing!


Yes!  After repotted my Ness Fantasy Gold to a smaller container for about six weeks, I have finally found a sign of life!  My plant is finally growing!  This has confirmed that my guess is right.  Not only did I overwater my African violet, the ridiculously huge pot probably had caused rotten . . . → Read More: O Yes! Finally Started Growing!