Chinese Money Plant & Nasturtium

Chinese Money Plant (Pilea peperomioides)When I found my Chinese Money Plant, Pilea peperomioides, blooming with some tiny white inflorescences last month, I knew that I was wrong when I told Louise that Chinese Money Plants never blossom

Besides Louise, I have a few other friends who guessed the plant that I used in my tabletop garden – Money Bowl is Nasturtium. Actually, it could be quite confusing since both plants have leaf stalks growing from the center of the leaf disks. Yet, it will be very easy to separate the two plants when they blossom.

Nasturtium Tropaeolum

Nasturtium has yellow or orange flowers.

Interesting Facts of Chinese Money Plant

Besides Chinese Money Plant, Pilea peperomioides is also called Missionary Plant due to the fact that this plant was introduced to Europe by a Swedish missionary working in China in the last century.

For more details, you can check A Chinese puzzle solved – Pilea peperomioides in Wild Chicken.  In addition, here is the plant care information of Pilea peperomioides

Chinese Money Plant (Pilea peperomioides) Chinese Money Plant (Pilea peperomioides)

6 comments to Chinese Money Plant & Nasturtium

  • I have a money plant but it doesn’t look like yours! But then it is a house plant so perhaps that is just it’s common name. It’s supposed to bring you money if you rub it’s leaves. Hasn’t worked so far! 🙂 Val

    • Sandy Sandy

      I would think so too, that there are more than a few plants have the common name – Money Plant. And, let me rub the leaves of my money plant and see if it works 🙂

  • Alejandro

    Hi, I when I saw your money plant photos I knew the plant sounded very familiar to me… Then I realized, it looks just like (Hydrocotyle bonariensis). I mean its just too similar, I’d bet it’s a Hydrocotyle specie, you should check out. Hydrocotyle grows close to the ground and it doesn’t develop an erect stalk. Here I leav you a link of the plant in flower:
    Or just google Hydrocotyle.
    PS: if it happens to be it, well, don’t kill it, I mean, it’s a common plant but it has its beauty, and as you have seen it thrives well as an indoor plant.
    Best wishes and Mery Christmas

    • Sandy Sandy

      Hi Alejandro,
      My money plant does look like a Hydrocotyle indeed, especially the shape of the leaves. Thank you for your suggestion. Merry Christmas and Happy Gardening 😀

  • Terry

    Hi ,

    Where can I buy the Pilea peperomioides (Chinese money plant)?

    Please let me know,



    • Sandy Sandy

      Hi Terry,

      I bought mine in the flower market in Mongkok, Hong Kong. If you live in HK, then you may find it there. Else, you can check out your local garden nurseries.

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