Catgrass – One Cat’s Rubbish is Another Cat’s Treasure

One cat’s rubbish is another cat’s treasure. After learning how easy it is to grow wheatgrass, a few of my cat loving friends decided to grow some wheatgrass for their cats. While all of my friends have successfully grown some green and healthy wheatgrass, not everyone of their cats like what their owners have prepared for them.

Cat Grass Wheatgrass

My friend, Man, told me that after her cat, Mao Chu, sniffed around and examined the wheatgrass for a while, it just left the pot of grass behind without giving it another look.

Cat Grass Wheatgrass Cat Grass Wheatgrass Cat Grass Wheatgrass Cat Grass Wheatgrass

Janet’s kitties love their snacks. Janet said she doesn’t think she can ever grow a second batch of wheatgrass since her cats just keep eating whatever they find growing out from the soil…

Cat Grass Wheatgrass

Instead of letting her cat eat out from the pot, Christina feeds her cat on a plate separately.

7 comments to Catgrass – One Cat’s Rubbish is Another Cat’s Treasure

  • Hey I didn’t know cat eats wheat grass. Do you have to train them to eat? Vegetarian cat perhaps?

    • Sandy Sandy

      Somehow, many cats like to snack on grass naturally. And to prevent our cats from getting poisoned by eating our houseplants (many houseplants are actually poisonous), it’s good to prepare some safe snacks for them to nibble on instead 🙂

  • My cat is crazy for his grass. Even in the dead of winter when the pot of grass on my balcony is brown and covered in snow, he’ll still nibble on it if he gets outside. I usually keep him away from it till it fills in, or I would have the same problem as your friend… He’d eat it before it has a chance to take root.

  • Sometimes I see cats sniffing grass and bite and chew them. Normally they do that when they are sick… stomach ache or something… then they will vomit. I guess grass induce vomitting , clearing up what’s troubling them.

    I never know grass becomes cats staple diet… huh, thats interesting.

    ~ bangchik

    • Sandy Sandy

      bangchik – Some cat owners prefer to use something more natural like catgrass over products like hairball gel to help induce their cats to vomit hairballs 🙂

  • My cat was never that interested in cat grass we bought and still preferred to eat the grass outside – I ended up just using the cat grass as a house plant!

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