Miracle Leaf – Kalanchoe Pinnata

Miracle Leaf - Kalanchoe Pinnata

A few weeks ago, I saw a nicely packaged leaf called Miracle Leaf in the Life Division of CitySuper, an upscale supermarket in Hong Kong.  It is selling for HKD $25 (around USD $3.5).  At the back of the package, it says

Baby leaves come out from the narrow parts of the MOTHER leaf.
Put the leaf on the water or on the soil.
Treat well and small bellflowers come out. Suitable temperature is over 20 centigrade.
Place the plant in a warm well-lit place.

Miracle Leaf - Kalanchoe PinnataEven though the description on the packaging of Miracle Leaf sounded quite interesting, it failed to arouse my desire to buy this product. For $25, I could easily get myself something better than just a leaf I thought…  But last week, when I saw a display of a Miracle Leaf growing in the water while I was shopping in the supermarket, I was so attracted to it that I almost bought one home.

Well, for the same reason, I didn’t buy a Miracle Leaf at the end. But instead, I did quite a bit of research and learned more about this Miracle Leaf once I got home.

The scientific name of Miracle Leaf is Kalanchoe pinnata.  It is a succulent plant native to Africa, Madagascar, India and Indian Ocean Islands.  Maybe due to its amazing trait of miniature plantlets forming on the margins of its leaves, and its ability to grow fast and thrive beautifully in many conditions, it is a popular houseplant and has become naturalized in temperate regions of Asia, the Pacific and Caribbean.  In fact, because Kalanchoe pinnata can grow so well, reproduce and spread so rapidly in Hawaii, that it is listed as one of Hawaii’s most invasive horticultural plants.

Miracle Leaf - Kalanchoe Pinnata Miracle Leaf - Kalanchoe Pinnata

The plant’s ability to propagate itself from each and every dropped leaf is quite amazing and should be fun to watch, that I want to grow a pot of Kalanchoe pinnata and witness the process. Now I wonder if I can get a pot for $25 .  😀