Bird Nest on the Balcony

Bird Nest on the BalconyA friend told me that she had a bird nested and hatched two eggs on a tree in her balcony last month. The mother bird and her baby birds have already flew away and are not around on the balcony anymore. Yet, still, I found it so interesting that I went to my friend’s place anyways, just to check out the empty nest.

Bird Nest on the Balcony Bird Nest on the Balcony

My friend lives on the fourth floor of a 10+ story building in a school district (the aqua color building is part of a high-school), and this is the tree that the bird nested on several weeks ago. I was actually quite shocked when I first saw the tree. It was the only tree on the balcony, and it was quite a small one too. I wonder what it is of this tree that had attracted the mother bird.

The story of a bird nesting on the balcony of someone’s home is not a new one. Only that, somehow, I had never thought that this could happen in a crowded, skyscraper-filled city like Hong Kong.  Now that I think more of it, nesting on a balcony like my friend’s may just be the best option available for the mother bird when she is in a city like Hong Kong, where there are more buildings than trees, with polluted air, and packed, crowded streets.

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  • What an interesting find! A pair of birds came to my house to build a nest on a lamp fitting outside my house before. They have abandoned the nest. The nest is still there as I could not reach to clear it. But when someone spotted it and they will definitely asked what’s that coz the nest is quite messy looking. Not as neat of your friend’s.

    • Sandy Sandy

      Stephanie, it is always fun to have birds nesting in our house or somewhere nearby, isn’t it? I wonder do birds have an altitude preference of their nesting site. And if there is anyway I can attract some birds to my balcony on the 17th floor. 😀

  • KS

    People alway say birds will bulld their nest at the auspicious place. In the mean time, did your friend become very lucky?

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