O Yes! Finally Started Growing!

Repotting African Violet Repotting African Violet

Yes!  After repotted my Ness Fantasy Gold to a smaller container for about six weeks, I have finally found a sign of life!  My plant is finally growing!  This has confirmed that my guess is right.  Not only did I overwater my African violet, the ridiculously huge pot probably had caused rotten roots in the plant. Lucky that I have taken the correct action early enough, else my plant would have been killed by my silly ignorance (again…).

While a smaller container is the major factor that brings life back to my plant, the weather now in Hong Kong probably helps much as well.

It seems like everything just grows in spring 🙂

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  • I had such a hard time with african violets. I had a lot of problems with the stems touching the sides of the pot and rotting.

    On the topic of Wandering Jew , you can grow it inside , I grew it in a cabinet all winter , then in a dappled sun spot , I have grown it just fine in shade or sun. I had those same Wandering Jew hanging over my couch most of the spring in bare dapple light. they are very easy to prop as well , they can just be stuck in moist soil or rooted in water.

    • Sandy Sandy

      Hi Happy Hermit,

      I have just realized that I actually have a pot of Wandering Jew, but only that it is not Tradescantia pallida – the ones with purple foliage in your blog. The Wandering Jew I have is Tradescantia zebrina, and it has silver and green leafs.
      Both of them are tradescantias, and go with the name Wandering Jew 🙂

  • Hey! Congratulations. I know how it feels when a plant you feel has gone comes alive! Good luck with the African Violets. Hope you have lots of blooms.

  • So if your African Violet seems stunted, then does that mean that it might have rotting roots?

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