Cat Grass Day 21 – Mold Problem Solved


Apparently, moving my bowl of catgrass out to the balcony is the right decision to make.  After a week of time, the mold near the root of the wheatgrass has more or less gone! 😀  Despite of the improved air circulation, the damp and rainy weather in the past week had made me wondered whether the high humidity would worsen the mold problem.  Hence, I had not watered the grass since Day 14. And when I checked the wheatgrass again a week later, I was very happy to find that the mold was gone.  Even though it has been humid and rainy in these few days, the strong gusts of wind have provided very good air circulation 🙂


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  • I can’t recall whether I last planted cat nip or cat grass of some sort for my cats…but I have planted both in the past and it seems that after a couple weeks all the grass dies. I’m not sure what I’ve been doing to it but all seems to croak at about the same time. I was thinking that maybe I need to keep reseeding in the pot but I have trouble getting the seeds in without disturbing the grass which is already growing. I thought about only seeding half the pot at a time but maybe there is something even more basic wrong with my method? 🙂

    • Sandy Sandy

      I have similar experience when growing cat grass indeed. They usually go limp and start turning brown around two weeks. I am guessing that these plants, in nature, are supposed to grow in outdoor, the big fields, but not indoors in pots. So, as the grass grows, it will run out of growing space, then wilt and die. In addition, the kitties like it best when the grass is new and green and tender anyway. Hence, it’s better for us to cut off the grass for our kitties before the stems getting tough.

      I usually advice my cat-owner friends to keep two pots of cat grass, feeding their cats one pot after another. When the kitties finish all the grass in a pot, we replenish with new seeds and cover with a layer of soil, then move on to the other pot 🙂

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