O Yes! Finally Started Growing!


Yes!  After repotted my Ness Fantasy Gold to a smaller container for about six weeks, I have finally found a sign of life!  My plant is finally growing!  This has confirmed that my guess is right.  Not only did I overwater my African violet, the ridiculously huge pot probably had caused rotten . . . → Read More: O Yes! Finally Started Growing!

Watering Tillandsia (a.k.a. Air Plant)

Watering Air PlantWith its epiphytic characteristics, Tillandsia has earned its nickname, air plant. Instead of the roots, the plants absorb water directly through their leaves, and use their roots as wire-like anchors, hanging on trees and rocks without soil.

Underwatering and Overwatering Your Tillandsia

Probably due to Tillandsia’s common name – Air Plant, many of us tend to think that these plants need very little or no water, as living on air. Well… of course, this is not true. Just like all other plants, Tillandsias need water. Continue reading Watering Tillandsia (a.k.a. Air Plant)

How to Water Tabletop Garden – Bento Box

For the sake of watering, I have kept all my plants in my tabletop garden – Bento Box in individual pots. By doing so, instead of watering the plants in my tabletop garden together all at once, I can pick and water only those that I find are thirsty.Watering Indoor Plants

With individual pots, watering my tabletop garden – Bento Box becomes an easy task. Here is how I water my tabletop garden – Bento Box.

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Why My African Violet Isn’t Growing Much?

My African violet, fantasy gold, isn’t growing much since I bought it in November last year.  After some research that I have done and getting advices from other gardeners, I believe that the problem is due to overwatering and wrong size of container.  African violet hates soggy soil.   And with a container that is too large, the soil can be kept soggy for a very long period of time.

African Violet - Fantasy Gold

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Watering Plants in Crystal Soil

A  few days ago, a friend asked me how often and how much should she water her plants when planting in crystal soil.  I would say we should add water to the crystal beads whenever the beads shrink to around half of its size or to a size that cannot stably hold up the plants anymore.

Watering Plants in Cyrstal Soil

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They Just Want More Water!

Indoor Gardening - Water NeedsDifferent plants have different watering needs and light requirements.  And placing my beet and golden spikemoss next to my african violets, cactus, and succulents sometimes makes me forget to water them as frequent as I should (excuse, excuse…)

Indoor Gardening - Water Needs Indoor Gardening - Water Needs

A few days ago, I found the leaves of my beet were all weak and sad.  At first, I guessed that it might be due to insufficient sunlight.   Continue reading They Just Want More Water!

Watering Hydroculture Plants

hydroculture-plant-03How long a plant lives in a water culture greatly depends on the water source. Water should keep fresh and nutritious, for plants need mineral nutrients to grow healthy.

When roots become deficient in mineral nutrients, particularly calcium and boron, which are required in the external solution for normal functioning of roots, the roots die and decay. Continue reading Watering Hydroculture Plants

Ten Indoor Gardening Tips for Gardening Novices

Here are my top ten indoor gardening tips for gardening novices.

Tip 1 – Choose the Right Plant

Before you bring a houseplant into your house, you just have to make sure you can give what it needs to grow healthily. Choose only those plants that will be able to grow in the climate and condition of your room.  Here is a list of suitable houseplants with photos for indoor gardening that you may find helpful.

Tip 2 – Enough Sunlight?

echeveria-05Like oxygen and water, plants need sunlight to grow healthily. If your house does not have a lot of sunlight, and if you are not planning to use any artificial light, don’t worry, for you still have many options to choose from. Different types of houseplant require different amount of sunlight. There are many types of plants that thrive in medium to low light conditions, such as African violets, Boston ferns, Spathiphyllum, Philodendrons, and many more.

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My Echeveria is Growing Way Too Tall!

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