How to Water Tabletop Garden – Bento Box

For the sake of watering, I have kept all my plants in my tabletop garden – Bento Box in individual pots. By doing so, instead of watering the plants in my tabletop garden together all at once, I can pick and water only those that I find are thirsty.Watering Indoor Plants

With individual pots, watering my tabletop garden – Bento Box becomes an easy task. Here is how I water my tabletop garden – Bento Box.

First, I take out all the plants, except the orchids, that I think need water. This batch of photos was taken when I watered my tabletop garden – Bento Box, for the first time, two weeks after it’s made.

Watering Indoor Plants Watering Indoor Plants

Basically, I had to water all of the plants since they all seemed to be in some level of water stress. In fact, I found some curled, drooping leaves on my nerve plant, as well as some yellowing ones on the ivy plant. Oops!

Watering Indoor Plants Watering Indoor Plants

So I watered my plants one by one. Make sure the soil is fully soaked with water. While water dripping from the bottom is often a good indication of soil being thoroughly soaked, it is often not the case if the soil has gone too dry before watering. Soil that is too dry may let water run through without fully absorbing the water. In this case, since all of my plants are potted in some very light plastic containers or even without any container but just wrapped with peat moss, I can easily tell if the soil has fully soaked by checking their weights after watering.

Since this is my first time growing orchids, I don’t have much to share at this moment of time. For the time being, I water my orchids once every 2 weeks while keeping a close observation and making sure there is no sign of water stress with my orchids. I am told by a friend that these orchids can keep blossoming for another 2 months.

Watering Indoor Plants

After watering, I put the plants aside and let the moss dry a bit before putting the plants back into the garden container.

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