Magic Bean Day 13 – Container Size Matters

Magic BeanWhen planting magic beans with crystal soil during the beans’ seedling stage, it seems that the size and shape of the container matter much. I have grown my magic beans in four containers of different sizes and shapes. While three of these containers are smaller pots with a big flat bottom, one of them is a relatively bigger, fishbowl shaped one.

Magic BeanAnd from what I have observed so far, although the magic beans in the three smaller containers are thriving, those magic beans that are planted in the fishbowl shaped container are not doing well at all. Instead of growing their stems and first leaves, they spent their energy growing their roots, twisting around the seeds and getting all wild…

Magic BeanIt appears that, when growing the magic beans with crystal soil, it is not suitable to use a big container. Unlike regular soil, crystal soil can be quite slippery and slide around quite freely.

In a big container, where the roots of the magic bean cannot easily find and grab onto a solid surface, the roots will keep on growing and growing, until the seed gets all exhausted one day and die in the soil…

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  • I was wondering about that , I had encountered that with jello as well.

    • Sandy Sandy

      Jello?! Do you mean those we have for dessert? That’s interesting. I have never thought about that. But, won’t the jello attract ants and other unwelcome guests to the plants?

  • I used the Unflavored kind like is used for preserves , there is no sugar and it is placed in sterilized containers , when used in small dishes it is great for sprouting seeds and getting them ready to transplant , any taller than a 1-2 cm and the plants just keep twisting around till they die.

    I tried to do a mix of jello , miracle grow and super thrive , i found it caused very quick germination but the the miracle grow caused mold growth , and the auxin in the superthrive caused jello destabilization.

    I have tried it a few times , in a few different ways.

    I haven’t tried flavored jello’s i would think the sugars would cause bacterial massive growth , but I could be wrong.

    I wonder if colors jello and the filtered light would effect germination ?

    • Sandy Sandy

      I guess that filtered light wouldn’t cause any major problem in germination. Since a sprouting seed works so hard to break the soil and unfold into the light as soon as it can, a bit of filtered light should be fine, in fact may trigger germination and help in seedlings. I could be wrong though… Actually, I can do a small experiment later to find out if colored crystal soil (or jello) makes any difference in germination. 😉

  • Thanks , I’ll be waiting !!

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