Watering Tillandsia (a.k.a. Air Plant)

Watering Air PlantWith its epiphytic characteristics, Tillandsia has earned its nickname, air plant. Instead of the roots, the plants absorb water directly through their leaves, and use their roots as wire-like anchors, hanging on trees and rocks without soil.

Underwatering and Overwatering Your Tillandsia

Probably due to Tillandsia’s common name – Air Plant, many of us tend to think that these plants need very little or no water, as living on air. Well… of course, this is not true. Just like all other plants, Tillandsias need water. Continue reading Watering Tillandsia (a.k.a. Air Plant)

Tabletop Garden – I Love Air Plants

Tabletop Garden - I Love Air Plants

I love air plants. Aside from their exotic look, these plants are also extremely low maintenance. My air plants are just like my easy-going friends, hanging around, bringing some life to my room, and keeping me good company.

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