Tabletop Garden – I Love Air Plants

Tabletop Garden - I Love Air Plants

I love air plants. Aside from their exotic look, these plants are also extremely low maintenance. My air plants are just like my easy-going friends, hanging around, bringing some life to my room, and keeping me good company.

Air Plants – Low Maintenance

Air plant (a.k.a. Tillandsia) is a member of the Bromeliad family.  Like other plants, air plants need water, and won’t thrive beautifully if we don’t water them regularly.  However, they can survive for long periods of drought.  It is just amazing how long they can hang in there with very little water.

In addition, air plants do not need planting or weeding.  Since air plants absorb moisture through pores in their leaves, they don’t need to be rooted in soil. This means no dirt involves!

Doesn’t this sound great to many of us – the busy, forgetful city gardeners?

Tabletop Garden - I Love Air PlantsSince I took apart my tabletop garden – Kung Hei Fat Chow and repotted my Yao Ming Echeverias, I had a table top in my sitting room, which I thought was too empty and lonely. At that point of time, I found nothing could come handier than my two air plants. By simply placing these two lovely air plants on top of some tree barks in a beautiful container, I already have had a tabletop garden of tropical splendor.

Care of Tabletop Garden – I Love Air Plants

Place the air plant garden in bright, indirect light and provide high humidity and excellent air circulation. Thoroughly wet your air plants 2-3 times per week, water more often in hot, dry environment, and less when it is cool or humid.

To learn more about watering your air plants, you can check out this post – Watering Tillandsia (a.k.a. Air Plant).

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  • I was just recently in the Des Moins Iowa botanical garden and I had a chance to see about 2 dozen different species of air plant. I was impressed. I had known about these in TN , and in TX they grow everywhere , but the huge ones at the botanical garden looked VERY different.

    Thank you for taking the time to share.

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