Quick Guide for Seed Swapping

Seed Exchange and Import RegulationsSince every country has its own set of import restrictions of seeds, swapping seeds around the world can be confusing and problematic. Here is a quick guide for swapping seeds that always stays true, no matter which country the seeds are imported into.

  • Seeds should be picked straight from the plant. These seeds should not have touched the soil, and be free from pests, diseases and fungal spores.
  • Seeds should be well packed and clearly labeled with the type of seed, their origin and the intended use.
  • By doing so, customs authorities can then easily judge whether the imported seeds are permissible. And even if the seeds do not make it to their final destination, there shouldn’t be any legal come back. However, we should check for any regulations before sending seeds
  • As far as I know, post offices in UK have a book of regulations which tells people what they can export into various countries. The post offices in your country may have something similar as well.
  • Generally, we usually won’t encounter problems swapping seeds with people in our own country.

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