Shipping Seeds to Canada

Compare to gardeners of the United States, gardeners in Canada seem to have an easier time in importing seeds from other countries. While Canada has its import regulations of seed to control and verify that seeds imported into Canada are free of prohibited noxious weeds and meet the minimum standards for purity and germination for the crop kind in question, these seed import regulations are relatively loose when comparing with those of the United States.Seed Exchange and Import Regulations

For shipping seeds into Canada, the importer must fill out the Import Declaration Form (CFIA/ACIA Form 4560), Continue reading Shipping Seeds to Canada

Quick Guide for Seed Swapping

Seed Exchange and Import RegulationsSince every country has its own set of import restrictions of seeds, swapping seeds around the world can be confusing and problematic. Here is a quick guide for swapping seeds that always stays true, no matter which country the seeds are imported into.

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Seed Exchange & Import Regulations of Seeds

Seed Exchange and Import RegulationsMany gardeners love sharing and exchanging seeds amongst fellow enthusiasts around the world. These gardeners often have an abundance of seeds in their gardens that they are willing to share with others. And by exchanging seeds, these gardeners can try something different, and grow some seeds that are difficult to find in their local areas.

Exchanging seeds often involves international shipments. Most countries have some import restrictions of seeds, and it is essential that the importers contact the plant health department of their countries to check what are allowed to be imported into their countries, Continue reading Seed Exchange & Import Regulations of Seeds

Shipping Seeds to US – Small Lots of Seed Permit

Seed Exchange and US PermitOne person’s seeds are another person’s garden. In the gardening world, there are many communities of gardeners who are dedicated to sharing and exchanging seeds among fellow gardening enthusiasts around the world.

I have never given much thought about the problems of shipping seeds internationally, but only until recently, when I have been asked to send a big bag of seeds (over 300 grams) to a friend in the USA. That’s the first time I started worrying about potential seizure by the US authorities.

And here is what I have found and would like to share.

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