Magic Bean Day 26 – Repot to a New Home

2 out of my 6 magic beans are growing very fast, and the crystal soil can no longer hold up these big and heavy plants stably anymore.  It is definitely time for me to repot these magic beans into a bigger container.  And instead of growing these plants indoor in crystal soil, I have let my magic beans grow in regular soil outside my balcony.

Magic Bean Magic Bean Magic Bean Magic Bean

I didn’t check my magic beans for a few days after day 20.  And when I did, I was surprised by how fast some of them had grown 😯

Magic Bean Magic Bean

It is so easy to repot house plants that are planted in crystal soil. It’s dirt-free, pest-free.  And the soft, jello-like texture of the crystal soil beads makes cleaning the roots without breaking them a very simple task 🙂

Magic Bean Magic Bean

I decided to keep only these 3 magic beans.

Magic Bean Magic Bean

I have repotted my magic beans in plastic containers and put them outside my balcony.

6 comments to Magic Bean Day 26 – Repot to a New Home

  • Anjani

    hello Ms. Sandy, i’m Anjani from Indonesia. i really love your website. it’s helpful and attractive.

    This is my fist time to plant magic beans in crystal soil and i’m kinda worried about everything, especially the container. can i place the crystal soil in container made from plastic?
    i have 4 beans and want to plant it in 2 different container. do you think, how big is the container that suitable to plant it? the diameter maybe ..

    thanks for read , and really look for your reply. 🙂

    • Sandy Sandy

      Hi Anjani,

      Yes, you can place crystal soil in a container that is made of plastic (that’s what I used).
      Use container that has a diameter around 10cm. As the magic beans grow, you can always transfer them to another pot if you find the containers too small.
      It is pretty to use crystal soil. But when the plant grows taller, you may want to re-pot the plant and have it grow in regular soil, as the root system of the plant can get a much better grip with regular soil than with crystal soil.

      Enjoy and have a good time! 😉

  • Anjani

    does crystal soil needs fertilizer and water regularly ?

    • Sandy Sandy

      Hi Anjani,

      Add water when the crystal soil get smaller and dried up. In addition, crystal soil doesn’t contain any fertilizer, so the plants will need fertilizer from other sources. However for your case, the magic beans don’t need any fertilizer when they have just started to grow.

  • Anjani

    Thank you Sandy ^_^

  • Jessly

    Hi Sandy,

    I came across your website when I was browsing on the magic beans. I planted a few of them but only 1 was successfully germinate and grow.

    I was wondering what is the actual name of the bean. Do you have any idea?

    Really looking forward to your reply. Thanks!

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