Magic Bean Day 102 – Enough Training for My Climbing Beans

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Since my magic beans have been climbing and wrapping around the water pipe pretty well, I decided to take away the training poles.  I just love the leaves.  It is awseome to see how my climbing beans have added more greens on the wall, creating a little vertical element in my balcony.

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  • Hi Sandy,

    TQ for stopping by my blog yesterday. I think I know the reason you cannot post as open ID. Actually in blogspot setting, I chose ‘Anyone-include Anonymous users’ See below… I can only check one of the 4 options. Sorry about this. I did not choose ‘registered users-includes openID’.

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    Btw, this bean tree is really amazing. Wonderfully climbing up the pipe. Does it grow flowers later?

    Happy gardening!

  • Sandy Sandy

    Hi Stephanie,

    Oh, I see. Next time, I will just do the same and comment as Google Account.

    As for the beans, these are jack beans. And yes, they will flower later I believe 🙂

  • Chelsea

    I just found your blog about magic beans. I bought one for my son to watch grow. Then I saw I read that they are a climbing plant. We live in Florida what is the idel weather for them to last outside

  • My boyfriend bought one of these for me for Valentine’s Day. When I planted it I didn’t expect it to grow much, so I was completely surprised! I didn’t know until now that it was a climber – I just have mine wrapped around sticks in a pot. I love the photo of yours climbing up the pole, though. Now I’m really excited about this plant…thanks for sharing!

  • glynis knight

    I planted my magic bean 18 months ago in its original tin container.It has now reached ceiling height and has sprouted a big bean…like a massive runner bean. However I don’t know what to do with it now!

    1) Do I repot the entire plant?
    2) cut the new bean off
    3) wait till the new bean drops off?
    4) Do nothing?
    5) Do something else

    Please help as I love my magic bean plant and want to ensure its longevity

    • Sandy Sandy

      Congratulations! You are going your magic bean very well 🙂 After growing in the same pot for 18th month, I bet your bean must have root-bounded and need to be re-potted. Remember to trim off the very long roots when you repot your bean. N yes, you can cut of the new bean first.

  • Muskmint

    Hi:) A few years back, I grew these severely invasive vines with my sister. We managed to harvest a bunch of pods! Has yours flowered yet? Would love to see them again:) Love your journals! I have begun one myself.

  • They look awesome. So lush and tall.

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