I Want Some Moss!

I have been interested in making a moss garden since the very first day I started making tabletop gardens. With the decoration of a few stones, sticks, and a small plant or two placed on top of a carpet of moss, I can imagine myself creating a fun, modern version of a bonsai garden.

I have had this fun idea in mind for so long. Yet, I couldn’t kick start the project for I wasn’t able to find the number one essential ingredient of this garden – the moss.

So, last weekend, with the suggestion of my bonsai class instructor, I took the train to Tai Po, and along the Lam Tsuen River at somewhere near the Tai Po Waterfront Park, I dug out some moss 😛

Yes, I know this is bad. I shouldn’t dig in an area of public property. Even though I was digging in a place where moss growth was probably undesired, nevertheless, I am guilty as charged. But trust me, this is my last resort. For months, I have been trying to find a shop that has mosses for sale. But only that I couldn’t find any. Apparently, the gardening stores and flower shops in Hong Kong don’t sell mosses.
Growing Moss

Since mosses love damp, shady area, I put my mosses under the small table in my balcony, and spray water on them every once a while.

Growing Moss Growing Moss

Comparing the photos I took on Day 1 and Day 6, the difference is minimal. Now, I am wondering how long it will take the moss to grow into beautiful emerald green.

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