My Hoya Kerrii Has Grown Another Heart

Hoya Kerrii (aka Sweetheart Hoya)

I bought this Hoya Kerrii (aka Sweetheart Plant) a few months ago in the summer.  Although I know that Hoya Kerrii is a slow-growing plant like most other succulents, I observe it closely every once a while, and hope that I will find something new, something different and exciting on this Sweetheart Hoya.

And last month, I finally got to see some “action” –  my Hoya Kerrii has grown another heart-shaped leaf!  Unlike the other leaves of my Hoya Kerrii, this one is all in green.  Now I wonder if the edge of the leaf will somehow turn yellow as the leaf grows bigger.

Hoya Kerrii (aka Sweetheart Hoya)

I did a bit of research on Hoya Kerrii and have learned that Hoya plants need to be a bit potbound before they will bloom. In many cases they simply will not bloom the first few years, but only until adequate roots have formed. A slightly potbound plant will put its energy into growing leaves and flowers rather than producing a larger root system. Hmm… do you think I should pot my Sweetheart Hoya into a smaller pot?

Hoya Kerrii (aka Sweetheart Hoya)These are the flowers of Hoya Kerrii (photo from Brian’s Garden).  Cute aren’t they?  And from what I have learned, Hoyas are also very fragrant and some species even smell like chocolate too! Ok, now I am looking forward to this day to come 🙂