My Hoya Kerrii Has Grown Another Heart

Hoya Kerrii (aka Sweetheart Hoya)

I bought this Hoya Kerrii (aka Sweetheart Plant) a few months ago in the summer.  Although I know that Hoya Kerrii is a slow-growing plant like most other succulents, I observe it closely every once a while, and hope that I will find something new, something different and exciting on this Sweetheart Hoya.

And last month, I finally got to see some “action” –  my Hoya Kerrii has grown another heart-shaped leaf!  Unlike the other leaves of my Hoya Kerrii, this one is all in green.  Now I wonder if the edge of the leaf will somehow turn yellow as the leaf grows bigger.

Hoya Kerrii (aka Sweetheart Hoya)

I did a bit of research on Hoya Kerrii and have learned that Hoya plants need to be a bit potbound before they will bloom. In many cases they simply will not bloom the first few years, but only until adequate roots have formed. A slightly potbound plant will put its energy into growing leaves and flowers rather than producing a larger root system. Hmm… do you think I should pot my Sweetheart Hoya into a smaller pot?

Hoya Kerrii (aka Sweetheart Hoya)These are the flowers of Hoya Kerrii (photo from Brian’s Garden).  Cute aren’t they?  And from what I have learned, Hoyas are also very fragrant and some species even smell like chocolate too! Ok, now I am looking forward to this day to come 🙂

7 comments to My Hoya Kerrii Has Grown Another Heart

  • Sandy! Now I am getting impatient about my hoya. I have two leaves of this same hoya. They have been rooting in the container for almost a year now! I think you just leave the hoya in this container. The container does not look so big to me 🙂 I bought a cutting of the total green hoya kerrii slightly less than two months ago and it is giving me a new leaf now as well 😀 Btw, if that leaf does not turn variegated, then you would have total green and variegated at the same time. Good luck on the flowers!

  • PS: But you are right about the root. If you wanted your hoya to bloom faster, then change to smaller pot 🙂

  • Sandy Sandy

    Thanks Stephanie for your advice. Maybe I will leave my hoya in the same container then. Is there any way I can get a variegated leaf? 😛

  • Hi Sandy,

    I hope this post at this link will give you some idea…

    …So part of maintenance for variegated Hoyas is removal of the all-green stems, …

    Actually I have not encounter this problem as my variegated hoya kerrii is still rooting. But maybe the above link/blog author could help you.

  • Karen

    Hola Necesito ayuda urgente!!
    Tengo un hoya kerri que le han brotado manchitas negras, pero aparentemente mi hoya aun se siente firme de su hoja, acaso esto es un hongo?? como lo puedo convatir ayudaaaaa por fa!!

    De anteamano mil gracias.

    • Sandy Sandy

      Hi Karen,

      First of all, I don’t understand Spanish, so I translated your words using Google Translate, hope I’ve got the meaning of your comment right.

      The black spot on your Hoya Kerrii leaves may be due to sunburn. Are you putting your Hoya Kerrii under direct sunlight? Or near a west-facing window?

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