Grow Your Own Drugs


Last night Yik called and told me that there was a program showing on TVB Pearl that might be of my interest. So I turned on the tv and watched the program, and yes, it surely is my cup of tea.

This program is called Grow Your Own Drugs, a six-part series presented by James Wong, an ethnobotanist trained in Kew Garden. James shows us how we can make simple, natural remedies to help ease the symptoms of some everyday ailments with plants which can be found in our gardens or flower shops. In the program, James shares some amazing recipes, from Marigold lotion for motorizing skin and clearing acnes, to Viola eczema cream and Elderflower lozenge.

grow-your-own-drugs-02It is one fun program to watch. It reminds me that plants are just ornamental accessories to brighten up our gardens and window boxes, but the key ingredients for some simple natural remedies and beauty treatments as well. The more I watch, the more I want to learn from this scientist + gardener.

And sorry to those who have got attracted by this catchy title and are expecting to read more about growing weed. Haha 😛

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