Propagate Flame Violet by Cutting

I bought a pot of Episcia (aka Flame Violet) seedling in October last year. Since then, it has been growing beautifully in my room, with its first flower blooming in April.

Propagate Flame Violet by Cuttings

Thru some research, I have learned that Flame Violet can be propagated by stolon cuttings. This is my first time growing Flame Violet. Everything to me is new and interesting. And surely, I would like to try stolon propagation. While I was wondering when I should cut the stolons of my Flame Violet for my experiment, my dear brother accidently cut off two stolons from the plant with the rotor blades of his newly bought remote control helicopter. Ok. That’s great! At least I was saved from thinking too much more before taking any action.

Propagate Flame Violet by Cuttings Propagate Flame Violet by Cuttings

I removed all the leaves that seemed too big, and planted each stolon in a 2” pot.

Propagate Flame Violet by Cuttings Propagate Flame Violet by Cuttings

For the first two months, I had kept waiting and waiting, and the two Flame Violet stolons showed little sign of growth. While I was wondering if I should give up on them, I found a tiny pair of leaves growing from the center of both baby plants! Yeah! πŸ˜€

I have an impression that my two Flame Violet stolons have taken longer than normal to develop their root systems and grow their first leaves. I wonder why. Was it not the right season for propagating Flame Violet? Or did I leave too few leaves on the stolons for the plants to grow and develop their roots quickly? For some of the leaves, maybe instead of cutting the whole piece, I should cut only half of the piece, so for the plants to absorb more sun and moist in the air.

Propagate Flame Violet by Cuttings

But anyways, my baby FlameViolets are growing strong and healthy now!

You can check out this post for more detailed instructions on how to propagate plant by cutting.

2 comments to Propagate Flame Violet by Cutting

  • Great! Now you have more FlameViolets. I am excited about red flowers πŸ˜‰ They do wonders to the garden. TQ for showing the process too. Happy gardening.

  • Marina

    Please tell me where did you find those seeds???
    Really want to plant them to have similar beautiful plant.
    Or if you can, I want to ask you to cut for me leaf or two of your plant and send to me.Will pay! Is this possible???

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