Tabletop Garden – After Jurassic

Table Garden After Jurassic 101

This is the second tabletop garden I made – After Jurassic.  It is made of four different types of cacti and succulents, and decorated with many sizes and colors of rocks, seashells, and corallite.

Table Garden After Jurassic 107

Some friends wondered why do I call this garden “After Jurassic.”  Well… the name comes from the part filled with red rocks, which is supposed to be in the shape of a dinosaur.  But I guess  the sedum burrito, which has covered part of the dinosaur, makes it difficult for people to tell that it is, in fact, a dinosaur, but not a chicken 😆

Table Garden After Jurassic 102Almost all gardening books say that every container and pot must have at least one drainage hole.  But let’s face it. sometimes there is a beautiful pot that we just want to use, even if there is no drainage hole.  So, for this table garden, I put a layer of horticultural charcoal at the bottom of the container to improve drainage and help preventing the plants from damping off.

Table Garden After Jurassic 103

Tabletop garden makes excellent table decoration in the house 🙂

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