Tabletop Garden – Merry Christmas

Tabletop Garden Xmas 101

This is the very first tabletop garden I have ever made – Merry Christmas.  Obviously, I made this right before Christmas, making it a perfect home decor on the table for the holiday season.

Ya… I know, I know… the clean hay roof of the wooden house which is surrounded by the thick thick snow just doesn’t seem right…  But hey! This is my first garden art!  I am already very happy and proud of myself  haha! (Let me put some baby powder or torn-up cotton on top of the roof later 😉 )

Tabletop Garden - God of Wealth

The good part about this tabletop garden is that the theme and the ambiance can be changed easily by changing the few ornaments in the garden (eg: Santa Claus, the wooden house, the snowman).

Since Christmas has already passed and Chinese New Year is coming, I am currently searching for a small statue that I can use to substitute the Santa Claus.  And the God of Wealth (財神) would be just perfect!

Go here to see the Chinese New Year version of my tabletop garden.

Tabletop Garden Xmas 102

Before I started, I gathered the plants and whatever materials I had on hand and put them on the table/floor.  I found it easier to brainstorm with everything put in front of me.

Tabletop Garden Xmas 104

I put this tabletop garden on top of the coffee table in my living room as a cute home decor for Chirstmas.

What to make this tabletop garden? Check out the post – How to Make Tabletop Garden – Merry Christmas

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