Using Crystal Soil as Soil Additive

We simply add a small amount of crystal soil (aka soil moist) into the potting soil. In this case, the crystal soil is a soil additive for potted plants. Crystal soil functions as a water storage that retains moisture around the plant’s roots, constantly nourishes the plant with water.

Crystal SoilI have asked other gardeners in different gardening forums, and it seems that the gardeners in the U.S. (and probably in other western countries as well) uses crystal soil only as a soil additive. Unlike what we have in Hong Kong, crystal soil is only in one color and shape – plain off-white, round beads.

While crystal soil is helpful in protecting plants from drought, there is a caveat, it seems. If the potting soil has been dried out to a certain point, the crystal soil beads in the container may actually compete with the roots and suck the remaining moisture out of the soil, making the situation even worse.

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