Tabletop Garden – Kung Hei Fat Choi!

tabletop garden cny 02

A tabletop garden is a wonderful home decor item. And if you make your tabletop garden simple enough to alter and customize, it can be an excellent themed decoration in your home for many festival seasons.

The Chinese New Year of 2009 came earlier than usual, and the New Year’s Day of the Year of Ox fell on the 26th of January. So, instead of throwing away my Christmas-themed tabletop garden, I gathered some Chinese New Year decorations and reassembled the tabletop garden, and put together a tabletop garden of Chinese New Year theme.


I found a few strands of tiny Chinese gold ingot in one of the festival decoration items that are hanging on the gate of my house. So I stole one strand and cut them up into pieces for my Chinese New Year themed tabletop garden.


Taking the suggestion of a friend on my tabletop garden – Merry Christmas, I added some flour on the roof of the little house for better snow effect.


I took away the Santa and the snowman.  And while I couldn’t find the God of Wealth (財神) as planned earlier when I was making my Christmas tabletop garden, I found a very cute pair of gold and silver cats which I bought in a $10 shop… Then, I scattered the tiny gold ingots I cut from another home decor item, added a few cute white bunnies that I found somewhere in my house… and voila! A Chinese New Year themed tabletop garden!

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  • Yik

    You know, it is kind of enjoyment in reading your blog, nice handwork. The idea of shifting the Western Xmas TableTop Garden to Eastern Chinese New Year theme is Bravo!

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