Why is Hydroculture So Good?

Hydroculture (a.k.a. passive hydroponics) is the practice of cultivating plants without the use of soil.  Because of the ease of maintenance and its many other advantages over soil, it is a perfect way for indoor gardening.

So why is hydroculture so good?



  • Reduce allergy – no more spores, mold, mildew that are found in soil
  • Pest free – no centipedes, sow bugs, worms or other soil pests
  • Reduce odor


  • Easier clean up spills
  • Less risk of staining furniture

Watering Becomes Easy Task


  • No more worry of overwatering or underwatering

Plants Like It

  • Nutrients are distributed evenly to the roots.
  • Good root aeration because pebbles do not compact like soil.

Less and Easier Maintenance

  • Pebbles don’t have to be replaced and can be reused.
  • Hydroculture plants have smaller root systems and require less frequent transplanting.
  • Water less frequently – your plants will do just fine even when you are on vacation.

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2 comments to Why is Hydroculture So Good?

  • brit

    I love this idea. I have a question about using pebbles/marbles etc. I notice that they can get green (mold?) on them so how do you clean them (assume just soapy water?). Thanks

    • Sandy Sandy

      Yes, you can simply use soapy water and a brush to scrub and clean the pebbles. Just make sure the pebbles are rinsed well and no soap is left on them.

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