The 5 Components of Hydroculture Kit

hydroculture-system-01Here are the five main components of a hydroculture system.


Many houseplants can grow nicely in a hydrocultural environment.


Pebbles are used to hold up the plant and its root system. Many people in hydroculture use clay-fired pebbles, which come in different sizes.

Inner Pot

The inner pot is where the plant and pebbles sit. It has slits for water access, as well as a slot for a water level indicator.

Water Level Indicatorhydroculture-system-02

A simple float tells the gardener when the plant needs water (lowest level), and when it has enough (upper level).

Outer Pot

The outer pot is a decorative pot where the inner pot sits. It is slightly larger than the inner pot.

Since I can do just fine without a water level indicator, and sometimes, even without pebbles, I always set up my own so-called hydroculture system (just the plant, a container, and water). But if you are interested in having everything on hand before getting started, there are hydroculture kits that are available in many online gardening stores.

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  • brit

    I have another question, I use plants to keep my air clean in my home and hopefully remove some toxins. Can I assume that plants growing in water vs soil would accomplish the same goal? Thanks

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