Tabletop Garden – Ocean Breeze

Tabletop Garden - Ocean Breeze

Tabletop Garden - Ocean BreezeInstead of soil, I have used crystal soil as the growing medium for this tabletop garden – Ocean Breeze.  Crystal soil makes good home decorations.  It involves no dirt, is pest free, and easy in maintenance.  And with food coloring, you can make the clear crystal soil beans in any color you want.

Tablletop Garden - Ocean Breeze

I have used many marbles and stones in different sizes and shapes for this tabletop garden.

Tabletop Garden - Ocean Breeze Tablletop Garden - Ocean Breeze Tablletop Garden - Ocean Breeze

I bought this pot of palm for HKD 20 (around USD 2.50), and there were like 10 small palm plants 🙂

Before potting the plant in the garden container with crystal soil, I first needed to wash away the dirt and clean the roots of the plant.   Check here to find out how to pot a plant with crystal soil.

Tablletop Garden - Ocean Breeze

I had to be extra careful when cleaning the roots of the nerve plants.  The roots were very thin and holding onto the soil pretty tight.  It took me quite some time and patience to free the roots from the dirt.

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2 comments to Tabletop Garden – Ocean Breeze

  • Ro

    Hello! I have a few hydrocultur plants growing with crystal soil as substrate. They’re all common house plants-spider plants, English ivy, ect. Do you recommend using fertilizer?

    Thanks for your help!

    • Sandy Sandy

      Hi Ro,

      If you want to use fertilizer, I will suggest you to use water soluble fertilizer, but only use with care. Maybe start with 1/3-1/2 of the suggested strength given in the instructions. With crystal soil, we cannot drain the extra fertilizer like our regular potted plants, so we must use fertilizer with extra care.

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