How to Pot a Plant with Crystal Soil

Here, let me show you how to pot a plant with crystal soil (aka soil moist).

Crystal Soil

Put a teaspoon of crystal soil into a container.

Crystal Soil Crystal Soil

Add water and soak them for a few hours according to the instruction on the package. I always add more than enough water for I will drain any excess water with a strainer afterwards. If you use clear crystal soil and want some color crystal beads, you can add food coloring now.

Crystal Soil Crystal Soil
Pour the crystal soil into a strainer and drain off any excess water

Crystal Soil

Both of these crystal soil beads are fully saturated.  Their sizes are different because they are crystal soil of different brands.  I mixed the two to pot my plants here.

Clean Plant Roots Clean Plant Roots
Wash away the soil and clean the roots of the plant. Trim off roots that are too long. Do this gently to avoid from damaging the roots.

Crystal Soil Crystal Soil Crystal SoilCrystal Soil
Put crystal soil into a container and gently insert your plant into the crystal soil.

Crystal Soil

The plant on the left is not potted with crystal soil, but only water, another easy way for growing plants.  Check here to learn more about hydroculture.

Other Notes on Potting Plants with Crystal Soil

  • The plant that is newly potted into the crystal soil may grow slowly at first, for it needs some time to adjust to the new environment.
  • It is better to use fresh filtered or distilled water. The clearer and more purified the water, the more a crystal soil bead can absorb.
  • Add fresh water whenever you see the crystal soil beads shrink to half its size. If all the water has not been absorbed by the crystal soil after an hour, it has been overwatered. Drain out the excess water to avoid it from developing any unpleasant odor.
  • If the crystal soil looks dirty or smells bad, simply rinse them with tap water. Once they are clean and drained, they are ready for use again.
  • If your plant needs food, you can add liquid fertilizer when you water your plant.

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