Magic Bean Day 6 – Some New Colors for My Crystal Soil

Magic BeanToday when I checked my magic beans, I found that the crystal soil had turned even more brownish than before, despite that I had rinsed and cleaned them two days ago. So again, I took them out for another wash. And when I poured everything from the container into the drainer and saw my magic beans, I knew I had done something wrong.

Magic Bean Magic Bean

All of my magic beans already have their roots emerged from their red seed coats. In fact, some of the roots have already grown very long and are getting quite wild – twisting and wrapping around the seeds. For the past two days, I probably had kept my magic beans too deep into the crystal soil. Even though, unlike normal soil, crystal soil allows sunlight to penetrate through, giving the magic beans a better condition for germination, the magic beans were too deep in the crystal soil that instead of spending their energy on pushing their seed leaves from the crystal soil, the magic beans had spent all their energy on growing roots.

Magic BeanWell, thinking in the positive side, at least I found this out soon enough that I could save a few of these magic beans just in time (hopefully). Thanks to the crystal soil. They make it easy for me to check on my magic beans. I can simply pick up a magic bean from the crystal soil, observe it, and stick it back into the crystal beads. It’s simple. It’s easy. And it’s dirt free too! 🙂

Magic BeanSo now, I just put my magic beans on the very top layer of the crystal soil; let them partly covered with the crystal beads.

I am crossing my fingers now.

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