Sphagnum Moss & Sphagnum Peat Moss

Sphagnum MossThere mainly are 2 types of moss – sphagnum moss and sphagnum peat moss. While sphagnum moss is the living top layer of a sphagnum bog, sphagnum peat moss is dead residue beneath this live layer. Hence, before harvesting the sphagnum peat moss from the lower levels of the bog, the harvesters must first remove the top few inches of the live sphagnum Sphagnum Peat Mossmoss.

Sphagnum moss is used in the floral industry to line wire baskets and make wreaths, and peat moss is harvested and used as a soil amendment by gardeners.

Quality and Cost of Moss from Different Countries

It is worth noting that moss from Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are in better quality than those from China and Taiwan. The moss from these western countries are thicker and longer, and are good for approximately 18 months, while those from China and Taiwan are thinner and shorter, and can be used for approximately 6 months. But of course, better quality also means higher price. Since I won’t be using the same bundle of moss for a very long period of time anyways, I am happy with the Chinese made ones 🙂

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