How to Choose Garden Container and Indoor Plants for Tabletop Garden – Bento Box?

Garden Container

Tabletop Garden - Bento BoxIf you want to put more indoor plants in your tabletop garden, you need to use a bigger garden container with a wider opening. The size of my garden container is approximately 35 cm long, 15 cm wide (the widest part of the container), and 10 cm deep. And I would suggest you to use a garden container with some weight, so the container will not topple easily, but can keep its balance and stand stably when you are arranging the plants in the container.

Sizes of Indoor PlantsTabletop Garden - Bento Box

The number of indoor plants you get for your tabletop garden depends on the size of your garden container. And if you want more plants in your tabletop garden, besides buying a bigger garden container, you can also get some smaller indoor plants. In addition, when buying your indoor plants, remember to buy plants with different heights. Buy a few tall ones to be put at the back of your tabletop garden, then, a few with medium height, and lastly, some smaller indoor plants to be put at the front and side of your garden.

Colors of Indoor PlantsTabletop Garden - Bento Box

As for color, while it is very much a personal preference, I would suggest to choose indoor plants with lighter colors for the tall ones, while indoor plants with darker colors for the short ones. This makes the tabletop garden looks more in balance, for the lighter colors are often perceived as lighter in weight while the darker colors are the heavier ones.

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