Tabletop Garden – Bento Box

Tabletop Garden - Bento Box

This is my tabletop garden – Bento Box. This is the largest tabletop container garden I have made so far and I love it! This tabletop garden is filled with 10 pots of flowers and foliage plants, including two orchids, a mini fittonia, a caladium, two kalanchoes, etc.

Tabletop Garden - Bento BoxI actually first made this tabletop garden more than two weeks ago (check post: Tabletop Garden – My Bento is Almost Ready!). Everything went well and my tabletop garden looked great, except that there was still some space left for one to two more little pots of plant. After some very busy days, I finally got a chance to do my flower shopping yesterday. And now, at last, I can call my tabletop garden – Bento Box as completed!

Tabletop Garden - Bento Box

This tabletop garden makes a wonderful table decoration in my house.  I call this tabletop garden Bento Box because like an elaborately arranged Japanese lunch box, I carefully picked my ingredients (flowers and foliage plants), and decorated my lunch (tabletop garden) in this beautiful big bento box (garden container) 😀

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